Donating to the Catholic Airport Chapels

We have two means of making donations:

(1)  One is on-line, using GiveCentral, -a secure payment processor - by clicking HERE
, and following the directions using an on-line form:

(2)  Another way to donate is to print out this form, fill it out, and mail it with your check to:

Chicago Airports Catholic Chaplaincy             Phone: 773/686-2636
P.O. Box 66353                                                   Fax: 773/280-5288
Chicago, Illinois 60666 USA


Address                                                                                          Amount $                                    

City                                                             State                            Zip Code                                     

Phone Number                                                                  

Payment Method (Please Circle One):

Check (
made payable to Chicago Airports Catholic Chaplaincy)

For Credit Card or ACH payments please use the GiveCentral online secure payment system listed above.

Thank you for your generosity!